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When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
Mankind Prospers.

Uriel Corporation.
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Creative Inspired Visionaries Join
Uriel Corporation's Think Tank:

Creative Inspired Visionaries from all walks of Life can Join Uriel Corporation's Think Tank Web Network.  Now Spiritual and Business Leaders and any Creative Visionaries can create a Web Presence posting their Mini-websites and Content and further links to larger websites on Uriel's "Grid of Light" Think Tank Network as such criteria follow "Grid Of Light" and Think Tank Objectives.

Write to Uriel Corporation and submit your original finished works or items for your Mini-website posting in Uriel Corporation's Think Tank Network by email. Submissions should include electronic files containing all items that you created and you should quote and contain references and sources for any information that you utilize for information you quote or that is copyrighted or paraphrased for information used for works cited to avoid copyright infringement and also retain the right to use copyrighted information when appropriate.

If your proposal for posting on Uriel's "Grid Of Light" Think Tank Website Network is accepted by Uriel Corporation for inclusion, and if your Mini-website addresses Think Tank Operations and Interests, including Spiritual, Trade, Development, Commercialization, and "Grid Of Light" Initiatives, and other interests, Uriel Corporation will work further with you to post and manage your Mini-website and offer you a contract to manage your site on the network. Uriel Corporation reserves the right to withdraw these services without notice and to remove members that do not fit its policies or those acting illegally or unethically or that do not promote the interests of the Think Tank.  

Closing your contract and managing your Mini-website on the network: Uriel will work with you to close your Mini-website contract with the Uriel Think Tank and Uriel will work with you to actively make changes to content and links as such need to be made as will be specified in your specific contract with your contract manager.

Please read our:
Legal Note & Disclaimer Page.

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