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Uriel's Ad-Hoc Advisory Think Tank Projects and the Council Teams involved in Uriel Corporation's Ad-Hoc Advisory Think Tank Panels are an exciting part of Uriel's Think Tank Operations where Think Tank Members can participate in special projects as they are made available.

Ad-Hoc Think Tank Panel Members receive priority Calls for Research Articles, Papers, Studies, Books, or other items of interest, or they may receive Calls for Special Projects where Ad-Hoc Think Tank Panel Members may be invited to participate to Collaborate on certain Key Projects that Uriel's Think Tank is looking for as they are made available when such items match the Ad-Hoc Panel Member's Profile and the Think Tank's Interests.  These paid projects and their compensation can vary widely as can the nature of their scope, their duration, and the complexity of the issues involved. Written agreements will be offered to members that have opted to be included on the Ad-Hoc Advisory Council Team Panels as projects are made available based upon credentials reviewed from Work received and or as Profiles are matched through verified Resumes for particular Uriel Think Tank Initiatives.

Please note that projects are not guaranteed to be made available to any Ad-Hoc member, and Ad-Hoc Projects will only be made potentially available based on the interests of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank and may or may not be offered to any individual. Projects are subject to availability and to written terms and conditions. Ad-Hoc members may need to incur certain contractual expenses, have certain computer equipment and software or business equipment, and pay for business connection software administration fees to connect with Uriel Corporation's systems. Ad-Hoc members shall be responsible for their own liabilities, personal insurance(s), business liability insurance, benefits, and to fulfill and satisfy obligations as an Independent Contractor to satisfy assignments and deliverables and shall be further subject to mutual terms as may be negotiated on a case by case basis. As Independent Contractors, Ad-Hoc Panel Members will need to add "Uriel Corporation" as an "Additional Named Insured" on their certificates of insurance when undertaking a project and present it to the Think Tank with their engagements as they get involved with the Think Tank completing their registration.

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