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When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
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Become a Research, Services, & Trade Development Associate or Director And Help Make A Major Impact Throughout The World With A Great Career Track:

Do you have sales, marketing and computer skills and like working with Creative Visionaries to change and significantly impact the world in which we live? 
Are you a Visionary yourself??

Are you a dynamic sales and marketing professional and are good at working on your own with no supervision? Do you like to network and collaborate? Do you like the idea of Think Tanks? Do you have an IQ that is being wasted at your present position and would like to apply it to cause positive change throughout the World? Would you like to lead or join a team and work with state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management Web-Enabled Software Systems to give you that competitive edge as you work on your accounts for greater profits?

You can opt to work from home or from an office that you run on your own as one of our Associates/Directors, where you would receive greater rewards by engaging in hands-on activities by engaging in the actual development of projects, such as a host of web development and related services, market research services and activities, advertising, public relations services, engineering, research and development, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, rapid prototyping, (and much more), and receive greater compensation within Uriel's Think Tank, or you can opt to sell Think Tank and Project activities and sell the entire spectrum of Uriel Think Tank services, products, projects, engage in commercialization activities and technology transfer, engage in the Uriel Think Tank Trade Network, and engage in Uriel's many Visionary Operations.

The home agent can use a Virtual phone system that connects him to anyone across the world calling into the Uriel Corporation Think Tank and receive calls through the automated attendant no matter where they are across the world utilizing VoIP Technology to allow the home agent or independent consultant or director to collaborate and work with the Think Tank on all revenue generating activities.

What could be more convenient than to work from home, avoid the traffic, set your own hours, sleep later, avoid the cold of winter driving and snow and rain and traffic, or the heat of summer driving, and make more money without commuting at your convenience?? You be the judge!

Uriel Corporation's Think Tank Operations has positions for you across the Nation and the world as a Think Tank Associate or as a Director. 

Work as a Think Tank Associate on hundreds of services and or products to change the World. Be a hands-on Think Tank Team Member that actually uses their mind and talents in an awesome career to work on Initiatives, Operations, and Services to really make a difference throughout the world and be very well paid for your efforts.

Associates and Directors need very good project management, computer, business development, and very good communication skills. All Associates and Directors need to work very well on their own as Independent Contractors with no Supervision to empower their own greater profitability and are required to have certain additional skill sets depending on the focus of different projects. Find out details by reading more and by contacting us.

Estimated Annual Career Track:

Research, Services, & Trade Development Associates up to $70K-$170K+

Estimated Annual Career Track:

Research, Services, & Trade Development Directors up to $100K-$250K+


Associates and Directors, as Independent Contractors, must comply with all computer data hardware, software, and information requirement directives, required telephony connections, and or software required, and pay for their software expenses, phone and internet expenses, insurances, medical, dental, vision, and or any other benefits, supplies, business equipment, and travel expenses, as part of their expense of doing business with the Think Tank to connect with the Uriel Think Tank.

s part of their expenses as independent contractors, Associates and Directors will pay a yearly Administrative, Clerical and Software Use Fee. Other expenses of Associates and Directors would include Associates and Directors to have computer systems, a DSL line, telephone, the Microsoft Office Suite, and other software that will be specified in the enrollment kit, and further software that may be required from time to time.

The software packages used by Associates and Directors and their cost to each separate user may change from time to time. The systems used may require updates, computer maintenance on the user side, file keeping, good management and software skills, including email management, campaign management skills, marketing skills, software installation and back-up know-how. Users must be computer literate and must know how to troubleshoot computer problems as they arise or to work with technical support people and or research knowledge bases to resolve any issues they may have. Particularly, users must have computer skills to keep their computers free from viruses and spyware and keep their systems firewalled and free from malware, keyloggers, and other security threats when online. This will protect corporate security and it will protect you from identity theft as well. If a security breach is found it must be reported immediately for corrective actions to be implemented.

Other expenses that Associates and Directors would incur "out-of-pocket" as part of their normal cost of doing business as independent contractors of course would include travel expenses, their own personal insurances, business liability insurance, their benefits, cost for developing business, software and equipment, supplies, advertising, office space (virtual office space may be used; contact us for details), and other expenses. As mentioned, Research & Trade Development Associates and Directors are Independent Contractors each responsible for own time commitments, benefits, insurances, medical, dental, vision, taxes, and expenses.

As part of your Independent Contractor Agreement, these expenses may include other annual user software license fees for various software packages for you to utilize to enable you to work with us and each other through web enabled packages, resources, mailing lists, email lists, email campaign costs, documents, and other systems that Uriel Corporation may use that you will need access to for developing marketing campaigns, sales activities, business operations, and for tracking your results and to collaborate and perform activities so you can work anywhere in the world with us through the web. Other expenses may arise for acquiring leads, developing and managing marketing campaigns and or performing other business operations that will be part of each associate's and director's responsibilities as an independent contractor to develop and promote business while adhering to ethical confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete and non-conflict guidelines of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank including but not limited to the purchase of further software and business equipment which will be the responsibility of each independent associate and or director as business, operations, and activity with each Associate and Director will progress.

The positions available for Associates and Directors are available through independent contractor agreements that you need to commit to. Please note that success in your career track varies with your talents, experiences and dedication and that you are responsible for your expenses, your benefits, insurance, medical, dental, vision, taxes or other matters since you will be an independent contractor.
It will be the responsibility of every Associate and Director to carry their own Business Insurance and to be fully covered for their own Insurance and Liability and to cover their involvement for every aspect of their working relationship with Uriel Corporation to the degree required by the Think Tank (not less than $1,000,000 of coverage) to more than satisfy all their insurance and liabilities and business engaged by each Associate and Director and people managed by Directors in their business groups. In addition, every Associate and Director and or Independent Contractor working with the Uriel Corporation Think Tank must provide Uriel a Certificate of their Insurance. Further, it is understood that at all times the Uriel Corporation Think Tank shall be listed on every Associate's and Director's or Independent Contractor's insurance policy as an "Additional Named Insured" on their insurance policies while they are engaged in a business capacity with the Uriel Corporation Think Tank and for a period of thereafter to cover any business and agreements that may remain in force after they might leave the company and that each Independent Contractor must provide a copy of their Insurance to Uriel Corporation a Certificate of their Insurance naming Uriel Corporation on their Insurance Policy as an "Additional Named Insured".
Team Members are accepted as conditional independent contractors subject to the mutual written agreement that will be entered into with Uriel Corporation after the purchase of the enrollment kit that is to be downloaded which will require the prospective Think Tank Associate or Director to include information about themselves in a cover page as to what they can offer the Think Tank after reviewing our Web site and to include their resumes with a summary detailing each person's spiritual-intellectual gifts, talents, insights, and their resume experiences, skillsets, and work history, as they might be applicable to work related activities, along with a cover page.

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Contact Uriel Corporation for more information.

Become A Research, Services, and Trade Development Associate or a Director forUriel Corporation's Think Tank Operations. (Send Email)  Or Call Uriel Corporation at: 1-708-598-7314.


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