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Uriel launches stage two of its new Think Tank Web Site focusing on its Visionary Think Tank Operations and on its Multi-Faceted Initiative Programs and Services. Uriel will phase in its Initiatives, Operations, and Services in stages developing alliances and networks across the world.

Respond To A Solicited Call For Papers, Submit Research, Studies, Papers, Copyrights, Patents, Business Plans, Proposals, etc. (Send An Email)

Respond To An Unsolicited Call For Papers, Submit Research, Studies, Papers, Copyrights, Patents, Business Plans, Proposals, etc. (Send An Email)

Attorneys, consultants, scientists, engineers, programmers, sales associates and other people of all disciplines that would like to work with the Think Tank and participate in:

"Operation Restore The Key To Knowledge"

where such people would like to collaborate with the Uriel Corporation Think Tank may contact the Think Tank for details.

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Find out how "The Grid of Light Initiative", or "Operation Grid of Light" of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank is a project developed to empower corporations or other legal entities and individuals that work to empower others to move man to greater more enriched levels that seek to increase the prosperity of our neighbors.


  • Find out about Webinars, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Support, Distributor Opportunities, Leadership Events, Seminars, Forums, & Events and Also About Workshops, & Training Educational Programs Promoted and or Held by the Uriel Corporation Think Tank


  • To incubate one or more projects of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank or to participate in incubating or sponsoring the development of other projects of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank or Third Party Projects, Phone, Email, or Write to Uriel Corporation as indicated below.


    Share Your Inspired Views and Perspectives with the Uriel Corporation Think Tank. Help Broaden Everyone's View Of The Cosmos.



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Uriel Corporation.
Transforming The World.
Looking At What Was, Is,
And What Will Be.

When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
Mankind Prospers.

Uriel Corporation.
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Is The Uriel Corporation Think Tank The Most Inspired Visionary Think Tank Of Mankind?

Browse This Site And Find Out Why
The Emerging Vision Initiatives And Why The Goals & Objectives And The Operations Of The Uriel Think Tank Have Been And Are Continually Changing The World.

Uriel Corporation's Inspired Visionary Research Capabilities and Reflective Insights position Uriel as The Leading Think Tank and Consulting Advisory Company. See why Uriel's Insights and Perspectives are leading and have led the way in spearheading efforts to form the Template and Foundation for creating Truly Wholistic Dynamic Organizational Cultures where even Inspired Trillion Dollar Corporations might be developed that might lead to limitless wealth. Consult with the Uriel Corporation Think Tank for details.

Embrace The Vision
That Will Catapult
Mankind Beyond All Dreams
& Expectations.

Being a Visionary Company whose strength lies in the Sharpest and Deepest Inner Reflection, Uriel Corporation's Think Tank Initiatives are the result of Inspired Contemplation, and Reflection. Uriel's Insights are such that Uriel provides many leading services, where Uriel might engage in strategic partnering with companies, internally engage in, or provide:

Research, Development, & Engineering,
Consulting, New Products and Product Enhancement, Technology & Commercialization,
Subsidiary & Corporate Division Development,
Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, Exclusive Distributorships, Support

Certain Uriel operations also include providing Research Studies, Reports, Papers, Technical White Papers, Website Development & Maintenance Services, the Development Of Trade Agreements, Copyrights, Licensing, Intellectual Property, Royalty Arrangements & Agreements, Including but not limited to Commercial Profit Sharing and Joint Venture Agreements that relate to surmounting the greatest challenges and issues of our time.

Uriel also develops relationships for diverse transactions for a plethora of varied interests as it acts in advisory and consulting capacities acting as a Global Trade Catalyst, a Development Partner and a Visionary for Enhanced Positively Enriched New-Twist Technology Development Initiatives for Enhanced Benevolent Global Change.

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank further presides as a catalyst for developing greater defense and more profitable relationships to provide a more prolific infrastructure nationally and internationally.

Uriel Corporation's Think Tank activities are many. They Encompass a Large Variety of Exclusive Turnkey Research, Services, & Trade Development Areas.

Through special agreements, arrangements, and or by offering its unique services, Uriel takes extreme pride in offering exclusive Research, Services & Trade Opportunities that are not offered anywhere else, connecting networks, websites, research groups, organizations, associations, foundations, laboratories, agencies, departments, manufacturers, distributors, sales and marketing groups, other corporations, nations, trade development groups, and individuals across the globe. You too can connect with Uriel's Think Tank and share in and profit through collaborative research and development, manufacturing, e-commerce, web development, and business expansion opportunities.

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Uriel Corporation also engages in a diverse number of Research & Development, Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Regular Prototyping, Strategic Alliance, Subsidiary Development & Management, and Contractual Agreements where third parties can participate in Uriel Projects and or Programs Developed specifically for national and international markets that are offered through our the Uriel Think Tank, or for Client projects
hat vary greatly in scope and content.  See how the Uriel Corporation Think Tank can "Empower Design"

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank Provides High-Level Consulting Related to "Operation Grid of Light" or related to "The Grid of Light Initiative" which is designed to move man to increase each other's prosperity through win-win inspired solutions. To see how Uriel Corporation's Think Tank can assist you or your company click: "Empower" now.

Empowerment Operations

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Join The Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Support & Distribution Network of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank.
You and or your company might be able to Join the Think Tank to participate in Uriel and or Client projects when and if these projects and ad-hoc advisory panels and or special projects are made available.

Work With The Think Tank

Find Out More About New Product Research, Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Support, Distribution, Commercialization & Special Project Initiatives (More...)

Commercialization Opportunities

Retain Uriel Corporation to source newly developed technologies, products and innovation where your corporation can license or acquire new disruptive innovation that Uriel may be privy to to form new subsidiaries, joint ventures, spin-offs, or create entirely new companies through investment operations that you or your company may have an interest in pursuing as a joint alliance consortium team member of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank.


Click the image above or this link to find Out About Strategic Partnering & Alliance Initiatives, Joint Ventures, & Private Placements, Where You Can Be Part Of Structuring A Joint Venture, Corporate Division Or Subsidiary Or Other Legal Entity For Research & Development, Global Intellectual Property Development, Product Launch, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Business Expansion, Or Further Commercialization Initiatives (More...)

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A Primary Service of Uriel Corporation is Visionary Revenue-Split Website Development and Maintenance Services that can add significantly to your Vision giving you a global preemptive  competitive advantage by adding Inspired Creativity with value-added Think Tank and or Technology and or Software Advisory Consulting Services to your business. 

Find out about Uriel Corporation's Visionary Website Development & Maintenance Services that can add significantly to your Vision giving you a greater global preemptive competitive advantage. 

Add the Creative Vision of our Think Tank and or add our Value-Added Technology Consulting Services and or our Software Advisory Consulting Services to your business.

Various consulting services can include us setting you up with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, and other software to assist you in managing essential elements of your operations in a collaborative internet or online environment. Management consulting and team development is also a service of the Uriel Think Tank.

Uriel Corporation can also partner with your organization to help you to develop additional sales beyond your own organization under a revenue split program as well as developing and managing your website.

Uriel can also engage in engineering and commercialization assistance that you might require for any proprietary product development endeavors.

Web Development Services

Other Primary Services of Uriel Corporation's Think Tank are Comprehensive Market Research Services
that can add significantly to your corporate goals. Such studies can vary from surveys, to phone interviews, to focus groups and to different formats that can be custom tailored to your specifications. Talk to us for details.

Market Research Services

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Yet other Primary Services of Uriel Corporation's Think Tank are "Vision & Operations Merge & Converge Services" that can add significantly to positive global change by engaging in business matchmaking and by integrating individuals, groups, organizations, associations, corporations, engineering firms, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, sales representatives, other entitites, foundations, departments, agencies, laboratories, networks, governments and nations into a collaborative "Grid of Light" working on common Goals, Operations and Initiatives. Uriel researches and matches people and companies to build alliances, collaborations and relationships that can be formed through mutually beneficial common Vision Objectives, Operations, and Initiatives. A further aim of this service is to align members sharing their Vision and integrate them with Uriel's Think Tank Operations and Initiative Programs and networks in "Grid of Light" campaigns to move man from Glory to Glory where companies and individuals might collaborate together and dwell in honor and grow in greater prosperity with their neighbors while increasing wealth for all. Talk to us for details.


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Uriel Corporation brings you an exclusive and comprehensive
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Think... What a Think Tank Should Do

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