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Please note that no offers, work, relationships, alliances, projects, or obligation of any kind is made or guaranteed by the Uriel Corporation Think Tank, and that no profits or compensation is guaranteed to anyone submitting any materials or to anyone assigning rights and or ownership to any works to Uriel Corporation, nor to anyone becoming an Associate, Director, or an Ad-Hoc Panel Member.  Uriel Corporation specifically does not promise expressly nor imply that any relationship will be created with any party nor does it guarantee that any relationship will be created with any contacts that Uriel has or may develop and that such relationships, if any should arise, will be the matter of further written agreements.  No employee, consultant, independent contractor, partner, attorney, agency or those working with Uriel Corporation has the right to state otherwise on Uriel Corporation's behalf, nor state that any profit will be made with any party. All relationships and undertakings with all parties shall be established under a best-efforts basis.

See Associates and Directors for more information.

Associates, Directors, Ad-Hoc Panel Members, Independent Contractors and Third Parties are responsible for their own expenses, benefits, insurances, business liability insurance, medical, dental, vision, taxes, business equipment, software, supplies, liabilities, time commitments, risk or other matters since you will be an independent contractor if they work with Uriel Corporation. See Ad-Hoc for more information.

Any expenses related to doing business with Uriel Corporation will be born by the parties doing business with Uriel Corporation or its Clients. This shall relate to any and all Associates, Directors, Ad-Hoc Panel Members, those adding Products or Services to the Uriel Corporation Trade Network, third parties, attorneys, agents, assigns, heirs, representatives, those wishing to contract Uriel Corporation for services, those wishing to purchase products or services from Uriel Corporation, and or those wishing to commercialize or expand their operations, products or services.

You may submit Solicited items to us in addition to Unsolicited items by submitting electronic copies of such items to us.  See "Call For Research" for more information on what we are currently actively looking for for details on responding to these Calls For Solicited Research.  You may however send us Unsolicited Items as well.  Information on how to enroll to send us both Solicited and Unsolicited Items and to receive compensation, and to become a member of the Ad-Hoc Advisory Think Tank Panel for ongoing compensation is described on the following links.

Uriel Corporation does not receive items on a Confidential Basis, therefore Submitted items will not be held in Confidence. Items submitted to Uriel Corporation will become the property of Uriel Corporation through a written assignment agreement and will not be returned. Any further development efforts or any other business related to assigned patents, copyrighted works, trademarks, business plans, or other items shall be under a best-efforts basis.

You may also decide you may want to pursue a career with us as a Research and Trade Development Associate or Director, or work with
us as an Ad-Hoc Panel Member. See Below. 

Uriel Corporation
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Uriel Corporation
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Call Uriel Corporation:
1 (866) 7-URIEL-CO, or call @:
1 (866) 787-4352 TOLL FREE

Chicago, Oak Brook, Oakbrook, Westchester, West Chester, IL, Illinois, Midwest, midwest, USA, U.S.A.

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