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Uriel Corporation's
Think Tank activities are many. They Encompass a Large Variety of Exclusive Turnkey Research, Services, & Trade Development Areas.

Through special agreements and arrangements Uriel takes extreme pride in offering exclusive Research, Services & Trade Opportunities that are not offered anywhere else!!!

Find out how you can engage Uriel's Think Tank to your advantage for Inspired Visionary Research, Services, and to Develop Trade. 

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Many types of agreements and arrangements can be developed with our Think Tank and our Clients encompassing a broad array of individual and business needs and interests.

See below to view a partial list of the types of Consulting and Agreements and types of business operations that Uriel Corporation and its Think Tank and its Consulting Operation can help you with across the Globe.

Click here for a sample list of Consulting Arrangements and Agreements that Uriel Corporation's Think Tank Consulting Operations can assist you with.

Other Primary Services of Uriel Corporation's Think Tank are Comprehensive Exclusive Research & Development, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Market Research, Support, Distribution, and other Services
that can add significantly to your diversification interests and to your individual and corporate goals. Such studies and operations can vary utilizing call center activity, marketing and sales, surveys, phone interviews, focus groups, and commercialization activities, to include product and trade development.

Uriel can engage in research and development, engineering, manufacturing and distribution, marketing, sales, and support in a manner that is custom tailored to Uriel Think Tank and or to your specifications. Talk to us for details.

Think... What a Think Tank Should Do

We believe that is

what a Think Tank
should do.
Imagine That.

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The Uriel Corporation Think Tank.



When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
Mankind Prospers.

Uriel Corporation.
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Our Services.

Our Visionary Think Tank and Management Operations allow us to provide our Research Network to Relay a large number of Think Tank Research Services in a quick and efficient manner to a wide variety of interests and to provide the greatest impact to the largest number of parties across the globe. 

We also provide special services for custom research needs and welcome special assignments from corporate, government, and special interests clients who move, shake, guide, and inspire the world.  We welcome all to utilize our Ever Visionary Ever Expanding Think Tank Network of highly inspired and creative people.

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank Provides High-Level Consulting Related to "Operation Grid of Light" or related to "The Grid of Light Initiative" which is designed to move man from Glory to Glory and to assist mankind to arise from Chaos to form a more perfect world where righteousness will bud forth and blossom and where man is guided to seek to increase each other's prosperity through win-win inspired solutions. To see how Uriel Corporation's Think Tank can assist you as a Legal Entity or you as an individual click: "Empower" now.

Uriel Corporation also engages in a diverse number of Research & Development, Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Regular Prototyping, Strategic Alliance, Subsidiary Development & Management, and Contractual Agreements where third parties can participate in Uriel Projects and or Programs Developed specifically for Uriel Projects that are offered through our Think Tank, or for Client projects that vary greatly in scope and content.  See how the Uriel Corporation Think Tank can "Empower Design".

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank Further Provides High-Level Subsidiary Development & Implementation Services where existing companies or investors can locate research and development and engineering services or where investors, or existing companies may acquire or partner to form new ventures or share in developing new and emerging ventures and new product commercialization launches through the Uriel Corporation Think Tank. See our commercialization opportunities and our catalog for the many opportunities available through the Uriel Corporation Think Tank and contact us for further discussions.

In addition, Uriel Corporation provides Research & Services in a wide variety of formats including providing Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Support, Distribution, Research Articles; Studies; Theses; White Papers; Books; Software Works; Website Projects; Musical Compositions & Recordings; Lyrics; Poems; Educational Materials & Tutorials; Presentations; Images; Art Work; Copyrights; Patents; Trademarks; Trade Names; Designs; Blueprints; Architectural & Engineering Drawings; Illustrations;  Business Proposals; Venture Opportunities; Trade Agreements For Products & Services; Lists and Presentations Related To Commercialization Opportunities; Collaborative Opportunities and other items.

Many types of Agreements can be developed with the Uriel Think Tank to include Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Support, and Distribution of exclusive products.

Uriel cultivates relationships across the world through referrals and through creative inspired people that participate on special projects and on advisory council projects that work with Uriel Corporation as part of its Think Tank Operations.  If you would like to be considered to become a member of Uriel's Think Tank, contact us through our contact page.

Uriel Corporation also develops many research and development and commercialization opportunities
that have intellectual property considerations.  These are also on our DATABASE page.

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Uriel Corporation also develops a diverse number of services or service agreements for its own services and or for third parties that are offered through our Think Tank that greatly vary in scope and content.  These are also on our DATABASE page.

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Uriel Corporation also develops a diverse number of trade agreements that vary greatly in scope and content for products, offers and services.
  These are also on our DATABASE page.
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Uriel Corporation also engages in developing comprehensive and custom tailored Executive Search and or Employee Search Services. To access this service click on: Post A Search Request To Find People. We will then contact you for a contract.

To View Job Opportunities Available Through Uriel Corporation and Or Through Client Companies Click On The Following Button:

Join The Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Support & Distribution Network of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank. You and or your company might be able to Join the Think Tank to participate in Uriel and or Client projects when and if these projects and ad-hoc advisory panels and or special projects are made available.

Yet other Primary Services of Uriel Corporation's Think Tank are "Vision & Operations Merge & Converge Services" that can add significantly to positive global change by engaging in business matchmaking and by integrating individuals, groups, organizations, associations, corporations, engineering firms, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, sales representatives, other entitites, foundations, departments, agencies, laboratories, networks, governments and nations into a collaborative "Grid of Light" working on common Goals, Operations and Initiatives. Uriel researches and matches people and companies to build alliances, collaborations and relationships that can be formed through mutually beneficial common Vision Objectives, Operations, and Initiatives. A further aim of this service is to align members sharing their Vision and integrate them with Uriel's Think Tank Operations and Initiative Programs and networks in "Grid of Light" campaigns to move man from Glory to Glory where companies and individuals might collaborate together and dwell in honor and grow in greater prosperity with their neighbors while increasing wealth for all. Talk to us for details.

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Have the Uriel Corporation Think Tank develop Custom Electronic PDF Forms for your company or organization. Many sample forms that we have developed for our own use can be found by going to our CONTACT US page and scrolling down and clicking on the many form buttons. Any form can be designed and be custom developed for you that you would specify up to 255 fields per form. To work with us in specifying what fields you want on your form(s), use this form and email it back to us using our email address below. Contact Uriel Corporation for details to begin your engagement.


  • A Primary Service of Uriel Corporation is Visionary Website Development and Maintenance Services
    that can add significantly to your Vision giving you a global preemptive 
    competitive advantage by adding Inspired Creativity with value-added Think Tank and or Technology and or Software Advisory Consulting Services to your business. 

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