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Uriel Corporation's Revolutionary Patented Servo-Stepper Controlled LED Lighting & Sensing Systems are a very unique innovation serving the most advanced portion of the LED L
ighting Industry.

To view Uriel Corporation's Lighting & Sensing Systems Subsidiary that has perhaps some of the most Advanced LED Lighting & Sensing Systems in the world, click on the following links:


Go to www.lumenscubed.com by clicking the trademark image below.


Click the above image or this link to find Out About Strategic Partnering & Alliance Initiatives, Joint Ventures, & Private Placements, Where You Can Be Part Of Structuring A Joint Venture, Corporate Division Or Subsidiary Or Other Legal Entity For Research & Development, Global Intellectual Property Development, Product Launch, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Business Expansion, Or Further Commercialization Initiatives (More...)


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Reseller-Distributor Help Page.

Reseller-Distributor Planning Tool.

Reseller-Distributor Form Page.

Strategic Alliance Intent Form-PDF.

Letter of Commitment for Orders-PDF.

To order our exclusive unique systems that address a myriad of Advanced LED Lighting & Sensing Applications or to become a a manufacturing partner, distributor, reseller, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturing representative, marketing/sales organization/agent, or business partner Call us and or Email your Purchase Order forms or proposals to:


Or write to:

Uriel Corporation
Purchase Order Processing
One Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154-5709

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Contact us for assistance or details at:
(708) 598-7314.


Where there is a world of inspired people
there is a world of inspired solutions.

See our services to see how Uriel's Think Tank can help you meet or exceed your goals and to provide you research with access to Think Tank Resources across the globe with Visionary perspectives.


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Uriel Corporation
Think Tank Employees, Ad-Hoc Think Tank Panel Members, Collaborators, Consultants, Independent Contractors, Research & Trade Development Associates or Directors can log in to our ERP-CRM system through this portal link above.

Research, Services, Engineering, Commerce, & Trade

Uriel's Think Tank is dedicated to bring forth Visionary Research, High Value Services, and Trade
to world markets.

Uriel Corporation's
Think Tank activities are many. They Encompass a Large Variety of Exclusive Turnkey Research, Services, Engineering, & Trade Development Areas. Contact us today for more information.

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Join the Think Tank Network as an Outside Collaborator by Submitting Works and your Interests to the Think Tank, work with the Think Tank as a paid Ad-Hoc Think Tank Panel Member, or pursue a career with Uriel Corporation as a Think Tank Associate or Director.

Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Names & Publishing.

Uriel Corporation's Think Tank works with you on all these matters. 
Through special agreements and arrangements Uriel takes extreme pride in offering exclusive Research, Services & Trade Opportunities that are not offered anywhere else!!!

When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
Mankind Prospers.

Uriel Corporation.
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Visionary Website Development With Value Added Services For A Global Competitive Preemptive Edge.
Uriel's Think Tank can provide Website Development and Maintenance Services that can add significantly to your Vision giving you a global preemptive competitive advantage by adding Inspired Creativity with value-added Think Tank and or Technology and or Software Advisory Consulting Services to your business. 

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The Uriel Corporation Think Tank Provides High-Level Consulting Related to "Operation Grid of Light" or related to "The Grid of Light Initiative" which is designed to move man from Glory to Glory and to assist mankind to arise from Chaos to form a more perfect world where righteousness will bud forth and blossom and where man is guided to seek to increase each other's prosperity through win-win inspired solutions. To see how Uriel Corporation's Think Tank can assist you as a Legal Entity or you as an individual click: "Empower" now.  

Another Primary Service of Uriel Corporation's Think Tank is Comprehensive Market Research Services that can add significantly to your corporate goals. Such studies can vary from surveys, to phone interviews, to focus groups and to different formats that can be custom tailored to your specifications. Talk to us for details. 


To View Job Opportunities Available Through Uriel Corporation and Or Through Client Companies Click On The Following Link or Button:

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Uriel Corporation
Westbrook Corporate Center 
One Westbrook Corp. Ctr., Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154

Uriel Corporation
PO Box 3847
Oak Brook, IL 60522

Call Uriel Corporation:
1 (866) 7-URIEL-CO, or call @:
1 (866) 787-4352 TOLL FREE

Chicago, Oak Brook, Oakbrook, Westchester, West Chester, IL, Illinois, Midwest, midwest, USA, U.S.A.

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