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Moving The World To ThinkAs a Thinking Think Tank, Thinking Is Our Primary Mission.

Thinking is our Passion.

...Inspired Collaboration creates Dynamic Action and Leadership and provides
Enhanced Inspired Solutions Of Exponential Magnitude that Expands Man's Growth, Consciousness, Understanding, Works, & Reality...

Since it's foundation in 1984, Uriel Corporation's Think Tank has been an inspirational force in developing concepts and in being a primary force to shape ideas through Revolutionary Thinking and Driven Innovation as a prime influence in increasing understanding in the global community wherever mankind extends it's reach.

The Prime Initiative of our Commercialization Interests are comprised in following our Inspired Directive outlined as the "The H.U.N.T. Initiative":

"Historical Undertakings Nurturing Technology & Relationships".

This initiative and directive pursues innovation, proprietary and non-proprietary, research, technology alliances, services, and trade agreements, developed to promote initiatives for the needs of the international marketplace which synergistically achieve a preemptive competitive advantage of related affiliates while influencing positive global change and positive spiritual development by seeking and preserving mutual truths between parties, by providing an environment where truths may grow between
parties and be shared, where understanding can grow towards the development of better relations and where these initiatives may lead to more rewarding win-win trade relationships and to more dynamic spiritual development worldwide leading to greater Eternal and Temporal Wealth for its constituents in every aspect of Life.

Uriel Corporation is A Think Tank for Business, Industry, Goverments, Nations, the Individual, Trade, and Spirtual Development Worldwide and for wherever man, by the Grace of God, extends his reach.

Uriel Corporation, the World's First Truly Holistic Company Thinking About Every Facet Of What Was, Is, And Shall Be.

At Uriel, We Believe A Think Tank Should at least be Thinking..., Imagine That.

Move & Shake The World

If A Single Thought,
Word Or An Idea Can
Move The World...

Imagine now a Think Tank that harnesses a
global network of organizations, individuals and networks where collaborators receive and transmit and pour out their spirit connecting and being enlightened by the True Light within man to include not just one thought but many thoughts, uniting streams of thoughts, ideas and works that connect All Truths into an ever expanding consciousness, pushing the envelope of man's awareness extending and increasing man's consciousness through words, ideas, and actions crossing all cultures and all barriers, connecting all faiths of Truth, nations, languages and worlds, temporal, celestial, eternal and otherwise, that man may connect therewith into a collective whole as the Spirit of Truth moves those that seek the Truth to all truths to move and shake the World and to move humanity into a New Era of Understanding, Wisdom and Advancement through individual and collaborative works into a State of an Ultra Dynamic Spirituality where all participants can prosper and live life more abundantly seeking to assist each other like never before in accordance with Divine Principles where man can proceed from Glory to Glory and dwell in honor, where each man, woman and child may sit and rule by scepters and thrones of established righteousness, and where mankind endeavors to make righteousness and matters of the Spirit bud forth as man is Enlightened and moved by the Spirit of God wherever mankind may extend its reach.

These initiatives are the essence, the foundation, the core, and the primary focus of our Think Tank and its operations at Uriel Corporation.

If you're Thinking..., Imagine That.
Our journey together has begun.

You read about us, now tell us about you,
and submit your interests.


When Vision Becomes
A Reservoir Of Strength,
Mankind Prospers.

Uriel Corporation.
Give Us A Call.

Uriel Corporation's
Think Tank activities are many. They Encompass a Large Variety of Exclusive Turnkey Research, Services, & Trade Development Areas.

Through special agreements and arrangements, Uriel takes extreme pride in offering exclusive Research, Services & Trade Opportunities that
are not offered anywhere else!!!

Uriel Corporation’s Visionary Research capabilities
position Uriel as a leading Think Tank and Consulting Advisory Company.  

Are You A Visionary?
“Are you a Visionary?"

...Think Tank Operations
May Be For You...

Inspired People Are The World's Greatest Asset!!!

“Inspired people are the world's greatest asset!!!"

Find out how you can become a Think Tank Associate or Director with a great Career Track. Enjoy many benefits including working at your own pace, working from home or from your own office, develop your own organization, receive commissions from the network of people you establish as a Director or work as an Associate without Management responsibilities. Work with state-of-the-art Customer-Relationship-Management web-enabled software systems to assist you in establishing and managing your accounts and achieve phenomenal results.
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Uriel Corporation
brings you an exclusive
and  comprehensive
global research, service,
trade network at
your fingertips.

Think... We Believe that is what a Think Tank should do

We believe that is
what a Think Tank
should do.
Imagine That.

A Message From:
The Uriel Corporation
Think Tank.


Uriel Corporation
Westbrook Corporate Center 
One Westbrook Corp. Ctr., Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154

Uriel Corporation
PO Box 3847
Oak Brook, IL 60522

Call Uriel Corporation:
1 (866) 7-URIEL-CO, or call @:
1 (866) 787-4352 TOLL FREE

Chicago, Oak Brook, Oakbrook, Westchester, West Chester, IL, Illinois, Midwest, midwest, USA, U.S.A.

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