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Browse here to see what positions Uriel Corporation is pursuing for its operations or to fill Client requirements. Positions may include employee, and or independent contractor positions and or may require investment in time and or money. Some positions may provide deferred compensation, bonuses, or special incentives such as stock options as part of employee or contractor compensation.

(Please note that the positions listed below may refer to immediate or to future needs and or requirements.)

To applicants and executive search firms:

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank is looking for candidates for its primary Research & Development, Engineering Consulting Think Tank Operations and for Subsidiaries that are being launched and it is looking for Senior Staff and Team Members including Seasoned Executives for the positions below. If you feel you have credentials to participate as a valuable member of our team(s) and get involved in major Subsidiary Launches which may involve targeting major portions of billion dollar markets with proprietary products that the Uriel Corporation Parent Think Tank has developed, send a full detailed resume and a full detailed cover page, (or if you are an executive search firm, let us know about the people you have), at our employment email address: . All applicants, must also fill out, sign, and date our employment application form and call us to send a manual fax back to us that we may receive it along with your detailed emailed resume and detailed emailed cover page.


Human Resources:

VP of Human Resources.

Information Technology & Management Information Systems:

Chief Information Officer.

Engineering Positions include:

a) Project Manager(s).
b) Mechanical Engineer(s).
(w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).
c) Additional CAD/CAM/CAE Engineers, Patent Illustrators, & Personnel.
(w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).
d) Material & Chemical Engineer(s).
(w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).
e) Electronic, Electromechanical Engineer(s).
(w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).
f) Software Development Engineer(s), Programmers, Embedded Chip Design Engineer(s). (w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).
g) RF Engineer(s).
(All positions w/Prototype Development Experience Preferred).

Manufacturing-Related Positions:

a) Project Manager, Manufacturing Operations.
b) Contract Manager (w/experience in government contracts, FARS, and writing in-depth proposals that have won bids and contracts with the government and have succeeded in teaming arrangements, joint ventures, and or forming strategic alliances, private placements and product launches preferred)
c) Supply Chain Manager.


Additional Marketing-Related Positions:

a) VPs of Marketing & Sales.
b) Business Development / Sales Managers.
c) Sales Executives.
b) Project Manager(s), Sales & Marketing Operations.
e) Outside Third Party Distributors, Resellers, & Outside or Licensed Marketing Companies.

Service-Related Positions:

a) Project Manager(s), Service, Installation Coordination, Retrofit, Support, Warranty & Or Troubleshooting Operations.
b) Service, Installation, Retrofit, Support, Warranty & Or Troubleshooting Technicians.
c) Third Party Service, Installation, Retrofit, Support, Warranty & Or Troubleshooting Certified and or Licensed Technicians.

Finance-Accounting Related Positions:

a) Accountant(s) Internal, and Outside Firms, with Valuation & Auditing Experience especially with regard to intellectual property, experience with private placements, project and deal valuation, & FARS experience preferred.
b) Purchasing Manager(s).

Additional Information Technology-Management Information Systems Positions:

a) ERP & CRM Systems Administrator(s), Help Desk Technician(s).
b) Webmaster(s), Website Developer(s), and Database Developer(s) & Manager(s).
f) Web Researcher(s), Statisticians, Web ERP-CRM Resource Specialist(s), Business Intelligence Specialist(s).

Additional Team Members:

a) Executive Administrative Assistant(s).

b) See the Uriel Corporation "Associates Positions" by Clicking the link below for additional positions.
c) See the Uriel Corporation "Directors Positions" by Clicking the link below for additional positions.

Uriel Corporation
Westbrook Corporate Center 
One Westbrook Corp. Ctr., Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154

Uriel Corporation
PO Box 3847
Oak Brook, IL 60522

Call Uriel Corporation:
1 (866) 7-URIEL-CO, or call @:
1 (866) 787-4352 TOLL FREE

Chicago, Oak Brook, Oakbrook, Westchester, West Chester, IL, Illinois, Midwest, midwest, USA, U.S.A.

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